Reducing Early School Leaving and Underachievement

We want to reduce early school leaving and underachievement by looking at how to enable children to learn and thrive in schools and complete their education.

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Survey of early childhood education

Do you want to help to improve early childhood education? If you work in early childhood education and care, please complete this European survey (it takes less than 10 minutes!)  and help us find out about the quality of education at this important stage in children’s lives and work towards our goal to ensure the basic human right of quality early childhood education. 

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A short overview of the project

SCIREARLY is a three-year project funded by the European Commission looking at how best to enable children to learn and thrive in school and complete their education. School is a vital space for the development of every child. It is therefore of serious concern when children struggle and sometimes leave school early. We are a consortium of institutions from ten different European countries. We plan to build on research about what works well in schools and find out more about how some schools are able to keep their students at school, giving the children the best possible opportunities for learning and contributing to their wellbeing. We are going to work together with teachers, families, and others to develop policies and practices based on our research so that all children have the opportunity of achieving their full potential. 

Overall aim of the project

Reduce early school leaving and underachivement and foster psychosocial wellbeing of children in schools.

Scientific research

We ask:
Which policies address school leaving and underachievement
What do successful learning environments do right to avoid

What social determinants lead to early school leaving

Dialogic co-creation

In schools with:
High dropout

Policymakers, teachers and families

To determine and develop evidence based successful policies and practices to support the aim of the project.

Our partners

University of Helsinki, Centre for University Teaching and Learning

The University of Helsinki, established in 1640, is a comprehensive, research university. In most gl...

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University of Malta

The University of Malta traces its origins to the founding of the Collegium Melitense by the Jesuits...

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University of Porto

Founded in 1911, UPORTO is one of the most prestigious Portuguese universities, responsible for 24.8...

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EQI, Dublin City University

EQI is a research centre specialising in the evaluation of educational policies, programmes and pers...

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CESIE is a European Centre for Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Sicily. It is a non-profit,...

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DGE/Ministry of Education, Portugal

The Directorate-General for Education (DGE) is the body within the Ministry of Education (ME) irespo...

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KMOP – the Social Action and Innovation Centre - is one of the oldest civil society organisations ...

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University of Deusto

The University of Deusto, founded in 1886, is an International Excellence Campus with a hub of 39 re...

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European Parents’ Association

EPA has been the only EU-level organisation representing parents as a stakeholder group in education...

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The MHPSS Collaborative

The MHPSS Collaborative is a global hub for research, innovation, learning and advocacy. In the fiel...

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Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a research-intensive university in the North East of England that aims to ad...

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